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christina williams


"Christina's learning curve is sharp and her commitment unwavering. The willingness to publicly access her vulnerability and the sensitivity she exhibits receiving and responding to the energetic nuances during her work is quite remarkable."

Steven Anderson

Veteran Hollywood Actor & Director

Coach (Founder of Actorswork acting studio)



Vintage Movie Projector

about me

An only child, I was born and raised in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. My mom was a single, full-time working wonder woman so I was a latch-key kid since the age of 7.  And I have no complaints about that! I learned to be very independent early on.

My days were filled with obsessing over tv shows, movies and commercials; acting out scenes from Little House on the Prairie and The Brady Bunch; endlessly singing the entire soundtrack to "Annie"; and getting hurt as much as possible to have lots of fun permanent scarring!  Your basic normal childhood, really.

I didn't seriously consider pursuing acting until I was 19 - and even that was by accident.  A math class I wanted to take in college was full and the only class available was an "intro to acting" course. I reluctantly signed up - but that decision changed my life.

Between 1996-2001 I studied at the incomparable Freehold Actors Lab/Studio in Seattle. After that I worked with Fight Master Geoffrey Alm and became certified in numerous stage combat weapons.

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Vintage Movie Projector
Camlann Medieval Faire
Move Over, Mrs. Markham
Mrs. California

Between 2001-2006, I was very fortunate to be cast in 21 theatre productions and was really hitting my stride.  But then, for a myriad of reasons, my life took a sharp turn (as lives tend to do multiple times).

I earned my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Accounting and became a full-time Accountant for the next 11 years.

Thankfully life took another crazy turn in 2017 and I had a stern conversation with myself and realized that I needed to act be creative. And this time I added film/tv to the dream.  Without batting an eye, my hubby (Drake) encouraged me to "go for it".  So, I've been going for it ever since!

With Drake (aka my #1 fan) constantly cheering me on and believing in me 100%!

Vintage Movie Projector
Best Labradoodle
St. Thomas wedding

Speaking of my wonderful husband....we have actually known each other since the 1st grade!  We went to the same Elementary, Junior High, and High Schools....but didn't get together until 18 years after graduating!

We were married in gorgeous St. Thomas, USVI, in May 2013, bought a house the following year, and welcomed our delightful Labradoodle (Charlie) to the family in 2015.

Life is full of so many ups and downs - and this business of show is a tough road with 90% rejection. I feel blessed to have so much support in my corner. And I try my very best to support others on their journeys as well.


Let's all work together to make our dreams come true.

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